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Conscious Creators Blueprint

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About Course

Do you want to become a conscious creator of the reality of your choice instead of leading life on an auto-pilot mode? If you answered the question with “yes”, I am offering you Conscious Creators Blueprint, a 3-days learners’ course on Law of Attraction.
  • Conscious Creators Blueprint is a life-changing, super-happening, adventurous, interesting, fun, creative, and super-engaging course on Law of Attraction.
  • Through this course, you will be able to master activating the Law of Attraction to consciously create the life you want, effortlessly and irrespective of any external negativity. Conscious Creators Blueprint will help you become the conscious creator of the reality of your choice.
  • The course will cover the fundamentals and in-depth details of the law of attraction, science behind it, prerequisites to applying the Law of Attraction, step-wise process for activating the Law of Attraction and amplifying its effects through powerful processes. The course will not only help you learn Law of Attraction, it will help you become more conscious about your thoughts, beliefs and everything you are creating in your life.
  • From simplifying it to the most basics to telling you why things are not working for you, I will cover it all. The course has been designed in a well-structured format with super interactive, and easy to understand and relatable content.
  • There are real life case-scenarios and extraordinary success stories for you to observe, learn from those and apply those learnings practically.
  • I have also covered cool fun content, facts and information and interesting bonuses, exercises and resources that will help you understand and apply the Law of Attraction in a different way altogether and you will actually have fun in the process.
  • With 3 days of training sessions, worksheets, assignments & interesting practical to-do exercises, downloadable worksheets and relatable case studies, this is going to be one of the courses that can be life-changing for you.
There are 14 free bonus audio sessions for you in the course! The bonus audio sessions are interesting, fun and practical audio sessions which will cover amazing topics to help you clarify the concept and integrate Law of Attraction in your life and lifestyle in a way that it becomes your way of living. Following are the fun bonus sessions:
  1. Get clear on your dreams and goals
  2. Creative visualization
  3. Positive affirmations
  4. Keys to staying positive
  5. Receiving and allowing mode
  6. Power of taking action
  7. Law of Attraction – Clarifying to the core
  8. Is your Law of Attraction broken? And how to fix it?
  9. Answering most common questions on Law of Attraction
  10. Your 9 environments and how they are supporting your Law of Attraction results
  11. Habits to help your Law of Attraction
  12. Things you can learn from kids about the Law of Attraction
  13. Thank God, Law of Attraction doesn’t work the way we want it to
  14. A world with and without the Law of Attraction
There are 24 free audio messages on fun metaphors for you to get the core of the concept. All this, (worth around more than 50000/-) is available to you at an UNBELIEVABLE price for a LIMITED PERIOD OF TIME! Don’t miss it for the world. Sign up now for this amazing adventure and experience the shift from being an unconscious generator to a Conscious Creator of the reality of your choice.
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What Will You Learn?

  • You will be able to master activating the Law of Attraction and consciously create the life you want, effortlessly and irrespective of any external negativity.
  • It will help you understand the concept better apply the learnings in your day-to-day life. This is an "incredible value for money", this course, if implemented as per the instructions in it can transform your life!
  • This is what this course is going to help you with.
  • How to become more conscious of what you are creating in your life?
  • How to activate law of attraction to work in your favor?
  • How to begin from the scratch and change your life from this moment onwards using Law of Attraction?
  • How to become conscious of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs and keep those positive?
  • How to consciously practice changing negative thoughts to positive ones?
  • How to create a habit of focusing on positive stuff in life?
  • How to stay more positive and happier?
  • How to have a better control of your belief system and your thought process?
  • How to remove all your hidden mental blockages and limitless beliefs and thoughts effortlessly?
  • How to have all your intuitions strengthened and guiding you toward magnificence?
  • How to use powerful tools like to attract the reality of your dreams?
  • How to make Law of Attraction work as your sidekick as you consciously create the reality of your choice?

Course Content

Conscious Creators Blueprint Introduction

  • Welcome!
  • Introduction to Conscious Creators Blueprint

Conscious Creators Blueprint Day 1

Conscious Creators Blueprint – Day 2

Conscious Creators Blueprint – Day 3

Conscious Creators Challenge

Bonus Audio Sessions

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2 years ago
Excellent course which really changed my perception. Assignments are amazing and very useful The Meditations given in this course are very nice . Thank you....